2023 Alfons de Borja Prize winner: Mr. Sergio Callen, UdL '04, engineer and vice-president at SYSTRA-USA


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 >> Award ceremony: 12th Alfons de Borja Prize [13 June 2023 - 18.30h]


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This award recognises those persons or institutions who, with their work, have contributed to the human and social development of their community in economic, politic, environmental, cultural or other terms, and whose actions have been guided by the values of equality, justice, rigour and excellence that are inspired by the University of Lleida.



The award is named after Alfons de Borja, who was elected Pope as Callitxius III in 1455. He is one of the most distinguished graduates and profesors of the University of Lleida.

Studies and career at the University of Lleida - Estudi General de Lleida (1409 -1423):

  • Student of Law and Theology 
  • Profesor
  • Vice-Chancellor

 In 1424 he resigned his position at the University and dedicated his service to the Aragonese king.


History of the University of Lleida


The winner receives the sculpture The Knowledge, created by Miguel Ángel González, and a watercolour by Joaquín Ureña.

The sculpture The Knowledge, specifically created by the Lleida-based Argentine artist Miguel Ángel González, is a piece made from iron, resin and wood, measuring 14 x 35 cm, which expresses the different areas of knowledge taught at the University of Lleida.

The watercolour by the Lleida painter and sculptor Joaquín Ureña is unique for each award-winning person or organization. Its subject seeks both to portray the organization’s link with the University of Lleida and to highlight those values and actions which made it worthy of the Alfons de Borja Award.


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