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One of the core missions of Alumni UdL – Association of Alumni and Friends of the University of Lleida is to promote and foster UdL degree holders’ employment, entrepreneurship, and incorporation into professions related to their respective degrees and scientific research.

In order to help develop the professional careers of UdL alumni who provide – as a result of the knowledge gained at the UdL and in the world of work – innovative solutions to the climate, economic, cultural and social challenges of the 21st century, Alumni UdL – with support from the UdL and Banco Santander – is issuing the call for the Santander-Alumni UdL Award for Entrepreneurship and Employment within the framework of the Santander Employability Programme for UdL degree holders.

This second edition of the Award aims to incentivise and recognise UdL alumni who have come up with innovative ideas and implemented improvement processes in a business so that the general challenges posed by accelerated changes in a highly competitive global market can be met and its continuity ensured.

This Prize expresses Alumni UdL’s commitment to strengthening ties between alumni and the UdL, and to promoting the UdL’s studies and research.


 2022 Edition: "Change and innovation: tools for business continuity."

2021 Edition: "Resilience during a pandemic"



1. To foster UdL degree holders’ creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

2. To encourage innovation and inter- and cross-disciplinarity.

3. To favour the creation of businesses and skilled jobs.

4. To foster corporate social responsibility and the presence of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in business ideas and projects.

5. To promote an entrepreneurial ecosystem, made up by UdL degree holders, for employment creation, knowledge generation and social responsibility. Research and innovation must together be a basic pillar of any business, spin-off or start-up.

6. To contribute to the growth and consolidation of businesses created by UdL degree holders.

7. To return the knowledge that degree holders have gained during their training and professional careers to the UdL.

8. To strengthen ties between the UdL and businesses



♦  2022 Edition: "Change and innovation: tools for business continuity."

2021 Edition: "Resilience during a pandemic"


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