Alumni UdL - Association of Alumni and Friends of the University of Lleida




A community for professional growth and dissemination of our University’s talent.

Alumni UdL is a non-profit association, founded in 2001, whose aim is to promote the professional growth of the University of Lleida’s alumni, maintain the link with the University and advocate the quality of the courses, research and teaching of each of its centres, as stated in its Statutes (+).

To achieve its goals, Alumni UdL offers a series of services and activities to:

  • Strengthen the feeling of belonging to the same community and generate synergies among its members.
  • Improve job opportunities, business initiatives and careers.
  • Provide the tools necessary for personal growth and satisfy intellectual curiosity.
  • Communicate and disseminate the knowledge and innovation generated at the University of Lleida.


Alumni UdL’s activity will be guided by the same principles which govern the University of Lleida [Article 3 of its Statutes (+)]:

“To achieve its mission, and pursuant to the aforementioned principles, the University of Lleida has the purpose of disseminating culture, stimulating scientific development, training professionals, achieving a fairer society and respect for human rights and peace.”

To achieve the goals and purposes stated in its Statutes, the Association is open to all citizens. It also undertakes to serve the general interest of promoting:

  • Equal opportunities for people in all areas of society, science and the economy.
  • Defence of human rights and the fight against their infringement.
  • Protection of the environment and actions to achieve an economy committed to sustainable development.
  • Promotion of training, education and the spirit of research.


In 2016, Alumni UdL was declared an organization of public interest, with the corresponding tax benefits and obligations (+).


Please do not hesitate to send us any queries you may have, in addition to any suggestions that you consider appropriate to improve the catalogue of services:

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 973 70 23 56.
  • In person: office 3.57 of the Rectorate Campus.




Imatge (Facultat de Dret, Economia i Turisme) - Trobada d'antics alumnes de Dret - 2018